Thanks for stopping by, perhaps on your way to check out video of a  breakdancing squirrel or debate the political issues behind the outrageous reduction in the size of Toblerone bars, but, in any case, thanks.

I am a mild-mannered civil servant by day and…writer the rest of the time.

I write scripts, i.e. things that other people *have* to read, otherwise they don’t work. Novels, haiku, backs of cereal packets; they can all work with just one person writing and one reading, but my stuff really doesn’t.

You can read examples of my work on this site.

For one of the plays I have written and produced,  please see “Songbirds Ltd” (the struggles of an all woman talent agency). For an award-winning short film there is  “Forgiving Your PE Teacher”  (bad memories from school still haunt a young woman).

There is a radio play soon to be recorded by the Sussex Playwrights, “The Gaffer and the Wood God” (a struggling football manager makes an unholy pact with a forest god. As one does).  Or the rehearsed reading of another play –  “The Ex“, (a retired superhero asks his ex-girlfriend round to dinner. To meet his new wife). And finally, a TV pilot about a hard-working single mother who also happens to be the exiled queen of a alien reptile race. (Again, as one does).   I have also helped write a feature – “Across the River“.

Well that’s enough about me (really);  how are you?

If you’re a director or producer looking for good scripts, with good dialogue, good strong (female) characters, then please do get in touch.

I really enjoy working on scripts with actors, so am always on the look out for a rehearsed read or scratch night, if you are looking for new material.

And if you do happen to be an agent, then I think I’ve got a lot of potential, (well I would say that) with a wide portfolio of material, (I have just been mentored by the excellent and inspiring Hayley Mckenzie, a.k.a, Script Angel) – you can download my C.V. here.

Regards and good wishes.